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Garbage Disposal Repair/Install


Call The Pros At Plumbing Techs of Michigan For Garbage Disposal Repair In Southeastern Michigan

Got a garbage disposal problem? At Plumbing Techs of Michigan, our skilled plumbers work quickly at a time convenient for you, and we always clean up after ourselves.

It's no fun when your disposal is out of service, especially when it starts to smell from food trapped inside, and you have to constantly scrape dinner plates into the trash.


The good news is that when your garbage disposal grinds to a halt or springs a leak, the expert assistance you need is just a phone call away.

Most of the time, you only need a short garbage disposal repair visit from one of our licensed plumbers to get your disposal back into gear and your kitchen moving again.


​To schedule an appointment, call us at (248) 548-7488 or fill out our form to contact one of our specialists.​​

Plumber installing garbage disposal under sink
Food going down the drain in a kitchen sink

When To Call In a Plumbing Professional

Calling at the first sign of garbage disposal problems helps avoid needing replacement. Contact Plumbing Techs of Michigan if you notice garbage disposal problems, such as:

  • Blockage: Disposals are easily jammed by food or dropped utensils. Stop yourself if you begin automatically reaching for the drain! Serious injury can result, even if the disposal is turned off. Let a Plumbing Techs of Michigan professional remove the item stuck in your garbage disposal.

  • Dead disposal: When the disposal doesn’t turn on, it may be a circuit breaker issue. Other times, the disposal needs a reset. However, Plumbing Techs of Michigan can perform a new garbage disposal installation if the motor is dead.

  • Clicking sounds: Clicking may mean the motor is burned out, or there might be a small, hard item being thrown around by the blades.

  • Whirring noises: This sound can indicate a problem with the bearings or missing/loose screws.

  • Humming noise: If this is all that happens when the switch is flipped, there may be a pipe clog or something blocking the blades.

  • Leaks: Garbage disposal leakage can be caused by food debris blocking the pipe, causing a backup and overflow, or many other issues. Plumbing Techs of Michigan can quickly troubleshoot your leak and, before you know it, have the disposal working properly again.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal On a Proper Diet To Ensure Long Life!

With proper care, the average garbage disposal is good for a decade or more. Here are a few tips to help make sure you can rely on yours for many years to come.


  • Clean / freshen your disposal by periodically putting citrus peelings or ice cubes through it.

  • Run cold water while your disposal runs and for 30 seconds after it’s turned off.

  • Avoid rinsing oils in your sink, including cooking oil, fats, lard, and grease.

  • Cut up big food chunks before feeding them through the disposal.

  • Don’t throw bones, peach pits, other hard food items, fibrous food like banana peels or celery, paper, cardboard packaging, or wood down your drains.


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