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At Plumbing Techs, we do more than provide plumbing services to the residents of the Oak Park and Wixom, MI areas. We’re committed to educating homeowners and showing them how to maintain their plumbing systems and fixtures for years to come.

Are you currently experiencing a problem and need repairs? Not sure if it’s time to renovate and install a new toilet, sink, or bathtub? Are you interested in learning more about plumbing? We’re ready to help!

Check out our FAQs below or give us a call at (248) 548-7488​ today!

  • Is there anything I should know before purchasing a water-powered backup sump pump system?​
    Because potable water is directly connected to these sorts of pumps (which could also have nonpotable water), many codes and municipalities require installing a particular backflow prevention device. For example, the check valve that comes with the pumps is a type of backflow prevention device, but many municipalities and codes do not recognize that style as “approved” (at least at the time of this writing). We recommend that you check with your local building department and purchase the appropriate backflow prevention assembly to go with your pump if required. We always recommend a backflow device, which is included in our pricing and the city fee when we furnish a water-powered backup system.
  • How do I unclog a toilet?
    The easiest way to unclog your toilet is with a plunger, but if you don’t have one on hand, fill the toilet with dish soap or laundry detergent, add a pot of boiling water, and then wait a few minutes before flushing. The hot water should break through the blockage.
  • Why does my toilet smell every time I flush it?
    Your toilet may smell when you flush because of a broken airtight seal. Sewer gas is blocked from entering homes by the drain venting system. A U–shape in the pipe holds a designated amount of water in the bowl after each flush. The water acts as an airtight seal to block sewage gases. However, if too much negative pressure occurs, the water level can lower and break the seal, causing a smell after you flush. Or the seal between the floor and the base of the toilet has come away, and the toilet might need to be re-set.
  • How do I fix a clogged garbage disposal?
    Turn off the disposal and, unplug it, insert an appropriately sized hex or Allen wrench into the hole underneath at the bottom of the disposal motor. Rotate the wrench back and forth to dislodge the obstruction and fix your jammed garbage disposal.
  • How do I clean a dishwasher?
    Clean your dishwasher by filling the detergent container with white vinegar and running the machine on a long, hot cycle. Do not leave any dishes in the washer for this cleaning cycle.
  • How do roots grow into my pipes?
    ​Roots tend to grow wherever water is present in the soil. Therefore, roots are drawn to sewer pipes, encouraging tree roots to grow in them.
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