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Is your toilet clogged, running or leaking? Contact the professionals at Plumbing Techs for fast, full-service toilet repair and installation.

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If your toilet is causing you stress, expert help is just a phone call away. Contact Plumbing Techs at the first sign of a toilet problem for fast service.

When your toilet is out of order, there's no relaxing until it's fixed. You never know when something awful might overflow onto the floor or clog up your drain.

Even worse, you're left wondering — is it going to flush this time… Or will the bowl quickly fill, possibly making a big, stressful cleanup?

Luckily, with Plumbing Techs, toilet repair is fast and effective. Whether you have a clog, leak or more serious problem, our plumbers can repair most toilets in a single visit.

To schedule an appointment, call our Oakland County office at (248) 548-7488 or fill out our form and we will follow up with you shortly.​​

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Avoid The Mess & Stress: Take Quick Action When You Have a Toilet Problem

Don’t assume your toilet problem is one you can deal with later. Seemingly small issues, like bubbling noises, can signal a bigger, more costly problem if left untreated.

Toilet Repair In Oakland County, MI

You can limit any potential damage from a faulty toilet by calling in a pro right away. Your plumbing professional knows what to look for, has specialized tools and is able to easily remove the toilet to look for a problem if necessary.

When you turn to Plumbing Techs, toilet repair is quick and affordable. Our master plumbers can help residents in Oak Park and surrounding cities such as Warren, Troy, and Birmingham with any type of toilet repair or replacement.

We’re ready to assist you with:

  • Drain Clogs
  • Leaking Toilets
  • Flushing Issues
  • Flooding Problems
  • Running Toilets
  • Unreliable Toilets
  • Back Up Issues
  • Tank Problems
  • Flush Valves
  • Flange Repair
  • Flapper Repair
  • Gasket Repair

What Are Some Of The Signs That You Might Need a New Toilet Installed?

Don’t let something ugly happen in your home. If your toilet is causing you stress, expert help is just a phone call away. Contact Plumbing Techs at the first sign of a problem.

  • Your toilet tank is cracked or the bowl is cracked.
  • There’s a gradual tiny leak, slowly rotting your subfloor and growing toxic mold.
  • You’re tired of putting up with frequent, costly and inconvenient repairs.
  • You want a different style or size toilet.
  • You want advanced features like auto-flushing.
  • You would prefer a low-flow or less noisy model.

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