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Plumbing Techs offers expert sewer cleaning, repair and water line replacement services – Free quotes, upfront pricing and a full 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

Do you ever wonder what's going on down in your sewer? Chances are the answer is no, until you begin experiencing problems like leaks, stoppages or foul odors.

That's why your sewer lines need annual maintenance and cleaning, to prevent blockages and keep things flowing smoothly.

If it's been a while since you've had your sewer cleaned — or if you start noticing signs of sewer system problems, now is the time to schedule an inspection before it's too late.

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Regular Sewer Cleaning & Maintenance: What Are The Benefits?

Sewer problems can stem from many different causes and no home is immune. Over time, the buildup of sludge and various items inside pipes contribute to sewer trouble.

Sewer Cleaning In Oakland County, MI

In Michigan, tree roots are infamous for getting into your sewer line, causing line blockages and opening up cracks in sewer pipes. Other culprits include unusual items that can be accidentally flushed down the toilet.

When determining whether or not you should consult a plumber, nasty odors from your toilet or drains aren't the only indication of sewer line issues. Other signs of trouble, include:

  • Problems flushing your toilet
  • Awkward noises in your pipes
  • Toilet bowls filling too high
  • Water bubbles in your toilet

Regardless or whether or not you're experiencing these problems, yearly maintenance and sewer cleaning in Oakland County will help prevent costly sewer line repairs.

Contact Us At The First Sign Of Trouble To Avoid Sewer Replacement

In most cases, sewer line problems are immediately repairable and replacement is not necessary. Calling Plumbing Techs sooner rather than later can help prevent replacement.

Sewer Cleaning in Oak Park

At Plumbing Techs of Michigan, our team specializes in diagnosing water line issues and quickly determining the appropriate fix. Using specialized equipment, such as our drain vision video camera, inspecting your sewer and pinpointing problems can be done fast and affordably.

In most cases, we'll handle your sewer repair and restore your drainage system before you know it. However, if you have a more serious situation where sewer replacement is necessary, our experienced plumbing professionals will get to the root of the problem and fix it with minimal disruption to your property. With replacements, our goal is getting the job done without ruining your landscape, digging up your lawn or damaging your driveway.

Oakland County Customer Reviews

"Did an excellent job under tough conditions. Ended up having to repair the main sewer drain which is a big job, they did an excellent job!"

— Rick E. in Oak Park, MI

"Best price I got from 4 quotes. By a huge margin 80-120%. Courteous, helpful, and took out permits at the county office on their own."

— Devaraj R. in Bloomfield Hills

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