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Plumbing Techs Fixes Frozen Pipes Throughout the Oak Park Area, Including Warren & Troy

Have you ever turned on the kitchen faucet on a chilly morning, only to find that the recent quick drop in temperature, perhaps combined with poor pipe insulation, has left you with frozen pipes!

It’s a fact of life here in Michigan: Pipes are vulnerable to freezing during the winter. Unfortunately, water in the pipes expands as it freezes — and the pressure can cause your seemingly strong and reliable pipes to burst at the seams.

The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can follow to safeguard your plumbing system during the Michigan winters.

  • Disconnect garden hoses and shut off the associated water supply valves before the first winter cold snap.
  • Wrap plumbing pipes with heating tape or pipe insulation, especially those near exterior walls or in unheated areas like crawl spaces or the basement.
  • Keep your home heating system on at least low, even when sleeping or away from home, if you expect near-freezing temperatures.
  • Let water faucets drip for frozen pipe prevention and to relieve or prevent pressure buildup in water lines.
  • Keep doors of attached garages closed during the winter.
  • Drain your water system before leaving for extended periods or going on vacation.
  • For preventive maintenance and a full inspection, contact our frozen pipe plumbers in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Oak Park, and beyond. This ensures your drains stay clear and helps catch any potential leaks early. It also gives us the opportunity to suggest weatherizing tips specific to your home’s plumbing system, identify areas where pipe insulation is missing, and winter-proof your water heater.

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  • If you have a frozen or burst pipe, don’t panic: Call Plumbing Techs at (248) 548-7488  or contact us online for expert plumbing service throughout Oakland County today.  


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