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Need a Faucet Repair Plumber In Oakland County? Call Plumbing Techs!

Don't continue letting your money gradually trickle down the drain! Get your leaky faucet or fixture repaired today by our experienced team of plumbing professionals.

It's important to make sure your faucets and fixtures are kept in good working order. Seemingly small leaks or drips can cause damage and water waste that quickly adds up.

At Plumbing Techs, we make faucet repair convenient and affordable. In most cases, our plumbers can repair your fixture in a single visit.

Our repair trucks are always kept fully stocked with parts and our licensed plumbers have years of experience in dealing with virtually every brand name on the market.

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Faucet Repair: How To Know When It’s Time To Call In a Plumber

A leaking or dripping faucet is aggravating. Wasting water is bad enough, but having a damaged faucet can also lead to more serious problems if left broken.

Faucet Repair In Oakland County, MI

Faucet repairs are in order when you notice:

  • That annoying, dripping faucet or shower head in your bathroom.
  • Very lush greenery under an outdoor faucet. (Drips provide continuous water to that part of the lawn.)
  • Ugly rust stains or mineral deposits from hard water forming around the base of a faucet, where it meets the sink.
  • It’s difficult or impossible to turn off the faucet completely.
  • Increasing water bills as a result of a leaking tap.

Get Your Faucet Installed Right The First Time With Plumbing Techs

Whether you’re updating the style of your kitchen, or remodeling your master bathroom, Plumbing Techs provides top notch faucet installation in Oakland County and Metro Detroit.

From modern, designer bathrooms and kitchens to basic, utilitarian shower heads or faucets, our sink and faucet installation work is fast, professionally done and backed by our two-year guarantee.

Faucet Installation in Oakland County, MI

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